Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Convert Powerpoint slides to Images

Aspose provides us java liberary (called Aspose slides) to work with Microsoft  worddocument to insert content, retrieve content, export document into images. So lets talk about to convert .ppt and .pptx file to images(tiff format).

Here is the link from where we can download latest Aspose slides jar.
click on download button.

Generate images of .ppt/.pptx file

 public void generateImages(final String sourcePath) {  
      try {  
           PresentationEx presentationEx = getPresentationEx(sourcePath);  
           String imageFilePath = sourcePath + "_output_.tiff";  
 , SaveFormat.Tiff);  
      } catch (Exception e) {  

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  1. Very informative and useful code snippet, Thanks for sharing. I have used Aspose.Email for Javain one of my project and it produced good results.